Last Day in Eleuthera: a Scavenger Hunt, Part 1

It’s cold here in the Midwest, though not as cold as had been predicted. But still – I am so not a cold weather person. Which is why I always vacation somewhere warm and tropical, of course. What with the new house, it looks like an exotic vacation is out this year. In fact I may have promised not to even think about one, if we did the house thing, crazy person that I am. I think it’s a fair deal…though as the winter slogs on, I may regret it. (Just kidding!) Anyway, I thought I would revisit, for the last time, sunny, warm, delightful Eleuthera, in the Bahamas. It amuses me to recall that on the day that I first called about the house, I was actually looking at beach rentals there again, and had been discussing going back this summer with the Guys.

How quickly things change!

This really was our last day on the island. We almost didn’t go, a storm was brewing and we’d been given dire warnings about attempting the 3 mile-long dirt road to the beach in our rental, but I’d read that there was a lighthouse there, and it was rumored to be “the best beach” on the island, and besides which, I’ve always had a thing for standing at the very edge of the world, which the tip of an island always feels like. Besides! How could we come all the way here and NOT go?? And that was that: we were off on our last Scavenger Hunt on the island: Lighthouse.

Are you ready to go on an adventure with us?

The Eleuthera Lighthouse is situated at the appropriately-named Lighthouse Beach, on the southernmost tip of the island.


This was one of our most adventurous Scavenger Hunts yet, and definitely one of our favorite days and places on the island. It is not easy to get to, by any means, but well worth it!


Off we go, down the Queen's Highway to the end of the world - or at least the island.

Off we go, down the Queen’s Highway to the end of the world – or at least the end of the island.


Oops, no more paved road…

Lighthouse Beach is one of Eleuthera’s most isolated beaches on the island, due to the difficulty in reaching it – a Jeep is recommended for the 3 miles of rutted back road to get there, and they aren’t kidding about that. We ended up abandoning our vehicle (not a Jeep) and walking in after about a half mile. When W had to get out and check the ruts by foot to see how deep the water was (we had had recent torrential rains) to see if we would bottom out – and then direct Ad to where the high points in the road were to put the tires, I called an end to driving and we set out on foot.

We weren’t even sure we were on the right road for awhile – the one road sign we had seen had been at least 3 miles before on the highway – and three miles of gravel road is a long way to walk through island scrub in the heat. There was absolutely no one else anywhere around, no vehicles, no buildings, no sounds of civilization. It was as if we were alone in the world…even the incessant thrum of the wind and waves had ceased.

Then, gradually, we became aware of the sound of waves again, and the wind picked up, and we saw a sign.


It really does exist!


We survived!

We survived the wilds!

We weren’t quite there yet, however. That first, lovely beach is actually still about a quarter mile away from the tip of the island.

But I had to get my feet – and other parts – wet first…



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It was a well-deserved stop, don’t you think?

Stop by tomorrow as we continue our adventure…


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