Lighthouse, Part 2

We found a swing and took a break.

As beautiful as that first beach was, it was time to continue our adventure.
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The lighthouse on Eleuthera was established in 1903. The light itself, on a pole, still works. The “house” has long since been abandoned. I really wanted to get tied up and mauled there, but there actually was a storm coming; and though I tried to talk the Guys into waiting it out (how cool would that be – weathering a storm at the tip of the island??) they insisted on safety first. Boo-hiss, right? lol

We had some more fun on the Atlantic side that day before the long walk back (see here and here), but the storm finally hit just as we got to our car. It was as ferocious as the Guys had feared, and the drive back was a wild one, with the wind whipping up the Caribbean Sea on one side of the road and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, with only a few hundred yards in between in some places.

It was a worthy adventure for our last day, and a memory I will always cherish.


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  1. Molly

    This place looks AMAZING. I wish we had the opportunity to travel more…. and to be childless while we did it. I love all these images, you look so happy and free and beautiful and the last shot of your message in the sand is perfect


  2. SassyCat

    What an awesome set of photos. LIke Beck said “you look so happy”
    All of you do,
    Glad you see all of you enjoying the beautiful landscape and each other.

  3. Cammies on the Floor

    You all look like you’re having so much fun! I love the tied up to the ladder, and the happiness and playfulness when you’re on the swing held my attention for quite awhile.

    I wanted to be with you all!

  4. Jane

    Wow, wow, wow. As a beach nut, that place looks absolutely amazing. The idea of being ravaged in that hut, too … Curse that storm! Jane xxx

  5. Flip

    These images are wonderful, you must have had a fabulous time. I’m a huge fan of weather, storms particularly, so I’m a tad jealous on that front *laughs*

    I *think* the image entitled ‘One last look back’ is my favourite, it’s a beautiful shot of you, very striking


  6. Curvaceous Dee

    Wow – what amazing photos (and what an experience)! You look like you had an amazing time, even without getting caught out in the storm.

    One day I will get a lighthouse photo …

    xx Dee


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