A Paddling We Shall Go


I had hoped to have a lot more to say on the subject of paddles for this week’s (er, two weeks’) Kink of the Week topic, Paddles,  and W (bless him) really tried to give me something to talk about, but, as has been the case so much these past few months, life has gotten in the way of kink, and I am a not-very-paddled Jade.

Still, there was this one morning:

And this one afternoon:

Ad used the same paddle that W had the Candy Crush morning – funny how different the same paddle can feel used by two different men!

Truth is, I don’t have a terribly lot of experience with paddles. Although they seem one of those “everyone has one”  (or, in some cases, a 100!) implements, the Ex didn’t use them often, preferring floggers and whips, and W doesn’t care for them much – though that may have been because his only paddles prior to me were basically paddle-shaped blocks of wood two inches thick. I introduced him to the variety of paddles out there, wanting to experience them myself, and he discovered that there are paddles in the universe that are not meant to launch a body through a wall, and has thus started using them occasionally on me. I had hoped that this week’s topic might give W and I an excuse to explore them a bit more – all in the name of research, of course! – but we were thwarted by nature and life again, so we’ll just have to peer back into the dim reaches of history, as I did in my KOTW Crops post.

It’s true that most of the paddles in our toys bag were purchased/chosen by me. The bear paddle, above, was a gift from me to Ad (my first kinky offering to him, when I was trying to entice him to Top me – a bear because that is how I refer to him sometimes: my Bear.) The following is another birthday present – this time one I bought for myself, way back when I was with the Ex. He never did use it on me much, but it’s gotten a bit more use since then, and on this particular birthday it got used quite a bit. I think four different times, for 48 whacks each. This short clip is from the last time of the four, after quite a few other implements had been wielded against me, but I was still feeling a bit sassy. I love how W brings me right back in line.

And now, for some paddlin’ porn…


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  1. Malflic

    I love watching you dance in place in the video., As for adding to your range of experiences my collection is always at your disposal for you and the boys. Or happy to help if you’d like :)

  2. sub-Bee

    We haven’t had any time since we moved for any kink really, thank heavens for Kink of the week and the need to ‘refresh my memory’ on how they make me feel.

    And I may not mention to Sir about the candy crush paddling, he hates it when I waste too much of my time playing it and that may give him ideas!!

  3. Molly

    ahhh there is the dance… I do that too and I am fairly sure that was one of those ‘you are pushing it now’ looks that you flashed W. I do those too but they are never work out well



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