A Sexy Swinger Party

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Contrary to my recent posts, it hasn’t been all anxiety, doom and gloom here. I mean, there’ve been asshooks, after all: Playing with the #asshook again. In Ws new closet. Because where else are you going to hang a girl up by her ass? pic.twitter.com/wgERtKOw7n — Jade (@piecesofjade) June 5, 2014 And there’s been otherRead more …

Juicy Sex Stories Contest

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You guessed it.

“Spread your legs,” Jack said.

I had seated myself across from him on the upstairs balcony, wineglass in hand, after handing him his gin and tonic. The air was muggy and thick, a typical summer evening in St. Louis; thunderheads gathering, threatening a storm. I wore a short summer dress, high-heeled, strappy sandals – and nothing else.

Orgasm Control Day 3 – “The Bone”

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The Bone

His directive on the third day of our experiment with orgasm control was to “Keep the Bone with you at all times.” This is “The Bone.” It’s not actually called that by the manufacturer. To them it’s a “kegel exerciser.” But that was what W called it, obviously based on its shape, and made doublyRead more …

Jade Melisande – #AtoZChallenge

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If you aren’t following my author blog, Jade Melisande, or my @JadeMelisande twitter, you may have missed that I am doing the A to Z Writing Challenge there. I thought about doing it here in K&P, and doing a “Kinky A-Z,” as Michael is doing over on The Joy of Kink, but decided that itRead more …

I don’t know…

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I don’t know if he knows it when he does it. It’s hard to tell. Does he see how his influence, how his authority, settles me, calms me, focuses me? Brings my chaos under rein, brings my crazy to heel; tames me? Flying, whirling, a chaotic angsty mess I am this evening… And all unplannedRead more …

Kink of the Week – Pony Play

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If you’ve been around the blog for long, you know that I am very into Pony Play. Doing a quick search on the tag “pony” on my blog I found eight posts, but I know there are several more that I just haven’t tagged. I don’t know if I’ve ever written much about why IRead more …