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Where in the World is… (Sort of A Week in Review)

Sep 26, 2013 | Posted by in Before | 3
The late, great, Cooper. Rest in Peace, boy.

Damn it’s been quiet around here lately. <looking over my posts in the past two weeks> Sheesh, only one post of any merit since my birthday celebration? Ugh. So…this is more than “A” Week in Review. More like “A Whole Lot of Days in Review.” But I won’t bore you with a day-by-day (hell IRead more …

More Gratitude Ponderings

Dec 27, 2012 | Posted by in Before | 2

Since it’s still November, I think I’m allowed to keep gushing about how filled with gratitude I am, for my life and the people that make it so wonderful, tho I promise this is going to be a lot shorter than the Great Kinky Novel on gratitude that I wrote earlier.

30 Days of Kink: Day 20 – Curiosity

Nov 8, 2012 | Posted by in 30 days of kink | 2

Day 20: Talk about something within kink/bdsm that you’re curious about/don’t understand. I can’t write this from the “What I don’t understand,” perspective. I just don’t think that way. If it’s not something I enjoy/want to do or don’t get, but others do… ~shrug~  Who cares if I don’t get why it works for them?Read more …