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When Work & Play Meet

Nov 1, 2011 | Posted by in Before | 2

Today is the first day of NaNoWri (National Novel Writing Month.) As some of you already know, I have participated in the event, in a sometimes-perfunctory, sometimes-engaged fashion, for the past several years with my daughter. This year I wasn’t going to participate, but she has been insisting we do so since August, so hereRead more …

NaNoWriMo Day1 Update & Truth Meme

Nov 1, 2010 | Posted by in blogs, writing | 1

So, 1760 words today. Felt pretty good, and I stopped while I still had some words in me–one of my little tricks for starting up the next day. Decided on the novel I am working on, an erotic novel that I have been noodling on, and masturbating to, for awhile. ;-) Did run into theRead more …