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Torturing Myself

Jul 24, 2011 | Posted by in Before | 1

W always says submissives shouldn’t be allowed to torture themselves. In fact he never (or seldom) gives me tasks that involves causing myself pain, because he knows that I’ll probably hurt myself more than he intended.  And the weird thing is, it’s true, though I’ve no idea why.  Not that I hurt myself more thanRead more …

Thank god for small favors

Jun 6, 2011 | Posted by in Before | 1

Lunchtime. The park. I have a sandwich, a book, an ice tea and a blanket. The heat curls around my hips and torso sluggishly, drawing me down onto the blanket into its stifling embrace like an overeager lover. Stretching out onto the blanket I am suddenly reminded of another hot summer day, another park, anotherRead more …


May 14, 2011 | Posted by in BDSM, Before, scenes | 3

In my fantasy, I am on my elbows and knees, ass lifted, legs spread to give the man behind me better access. He pumps into me steadily, almost mechanically, and really is mostly an afterthought, something I am barely paying attention to. It is the man in front of me that has my attention. HeRead more …