Feb 26, 2013

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Show Me: Reading Out Loud

For the second time in my life, I read my erotica out loud in public. (The first time was in Las Vegas at the Erotic Authors Association conference.) The venue was the Show Me Book Release Party at a local, alternative-lifestyles-friendly, sex-positive coffeehouse that a good friend of mine runs. It was both gratifying and terrifying to see so many people there – we literally filled the house! Gratifying, of course, because there were so many people willing to come out on a Friday night to listen to authors read smut and buy books, even after the snowstorm the night before, and terrifying because, yeah – I had to read smut in front of all those strangers! But I looked at it as just another challenge as a writer: I am finally, deeply, comfortable with myself in front of a keyboard, with my abilities as a writer…as a public speaker or reader? Not so much! So of course I have to make myself do it.

And here I am, up on the stage at Shameless Grounds!


Click on the picture to go to the video over on K&P. Unfortunately I am still figuring out the new site, and wasn’t able to upload the video here, only there.

All of the readers, including David Wraith (http://www.davidwraith.com/), Kendra Holliday (http://thebeautifulkind.com/) and Johnny Murdock (http://www.queeryoungcowboys.com/) were fabulous, and the stories in this anthology are hot!

Here is where you can buy the book online, in both e-format and print. (An Amazon link will also go live soon.  When it does I will also post that on my Books page.)



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