Mar 10, 2013

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Book News & Calls Update

Serving Him - Sexy Stories of SubmissionApparently I’ve been remiss (so much to do, so little time…) and never posted about Serving Him, Sexy Stories of Submission, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. It is now available for purchase from Amazon, both in print and in Kindle editions. Of my story, “In His Control,” she writes:

“Here’s an excerpt from “In His Control” by Jade Melisande from Serving Him: Sexy Stories of Submission, about a kinky couple taking their relationship to the next level, even when they are not physically together. That kind of BDSM play in a story wows me, because it gets deep into the psychology of it. What does it mean to control someone, and to give up control, when they are not there to witness it? Is it like a tree falling in a forest if no one is there to hear it? What does that act of obedience do to the nature of a relationship, and the nature of one’s sense of oneself? Plus, well, it’s about something private turned, in a way, public, at the office, but not public like outdoor bondage. I do hope you’ll read the whole story…”

To read the excerpt (and others, including joy, another local writer & a personal friend of mine, as well as my friend Gray Miller (Graydancer)) head over to

Speaking of Rachel Kramer Bussel, I’ve updated my Calls for Submissions page to include two calls from her that I hadn’t seen (not sure why they aren’t on the EWRA website.) They have deadlines of April 1, so if you want to submit something, better get cracking!

For newer erotica writers (and even those of us with more experience) I also include reference to her excellent article, “Secrets of a Sex Writer: Erotica Writes and Wrongs.” Definitely hop over there and have a read.

In still more book news, DL King’s Spankalicious, which includes my story “A Lesson for Penny,” Spankalicious - Erotic Adentures in Spankingis now available in print as well as ebook format. Read an excerpt or buy it here.

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