Apr 3, 2014

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April A-Z Writing Challenge

When I first saw Marie of Rebel’s Notes post on joining the April A-Z Writing Challenge, I had my reservations about attempting it:

  1. I’m late to the show.
  2. I write erotica and have a sex & kink blog, not exactly the kind of blog that most of the people on the list of participants will want to read or enjoy, or even understand.
  3. Another challenge? Just when I got done with Molly’s February Photo-a-Day Challenge?
  4. Can I actually do it, or will it just be another failure when I’m feeling a bit fragile right now anyway?
  5. Do I actually want to do it – will it take away from other writing and/or work that I want/need to do?
  6. And lastly – right now?? When I am in the middle of dealing with this huge change in my life (losing my job) and trying to find a new one??

But (as these things often do) the Challenge has been poking around the corner of my brain since I read about it, and (dammit) I get Marie’s posts in my email daily so I can’t ignore it, and…

Yes, there are good things I can do with it.

A fellow blogger/writer used a piece of writing I have over on Kink & Poly as a guest post in her blog today (http://jolynnraymond.wordpress.com/2014/04/02/onyx-the-show-pony-jades-guest-post/). It was a very nice write-up, and in our email communications she mentioned that she is doing author interviews weekly as well, and would I be interested in being featured.

Well…yes. A lot! But…

I haven’t been posting over here much. Or at all. My list of books isn’t updated, and the goals I had for this space (writing monthly about the craft of writing, featuring other writing blogs and authors) has never materialized. I know that’s because one human being can only do so much…  But I also know that I fritter away time when I could be writing – either blog posts of substance for K&P, or erotica for publication, or posts for this space – doing things like…sleeping in late. Going to bed early. Zoning out to the TV. Playing Candy Crush. And dammit – there’s only so much time in a day, in my life, and I want to make the most of it!! Wasting time on those things is not making the most of it. But sometimes I need a kick in the ass to jumpstart me. Looks like this is it.

So…hell. I guess I’m in. Only rather than do it on K&P, I’m doing it here, and using the A-Z Challenge as a way to challenge myself to do daily writing here. They will be short posts, and I anticipate posting on a mixture of things: the craft and challenges of writing, a bit of creative writing, maybe an occasional writing prompt, and miscellaneous shout-outs to other writing blogs that I find interesting and/or inspirational.

To address #1  on my list, though, since I am behind, I have to get caught up.  So here are the A, B & C posts:

A is for ASS, as in “A Kick in the.” (See above.)

But it is also for this blog: The Artist’s Road, and in particular (this morning) the article “Forgiving Yourself for Not-Done To-Do’s.” (I’m really trying to do that today.) From the writer’s biography:

I’m Patrick Ross, a professional storyteller who has returned to an art-committed life. I bring my readers insights I’ve gathered on creativity and writing, including lessons from the creatives I video-interviewed on a six-week, cross-country trip across the United States. I have an MFA in Writing and am a creative writing instructor.” I encourage you to go over and take a peek at his site and have a feeling that you will leave with a bit of a recharge in your creativity.

B is for The Bookshelf Muse, a blog I just found through it’s original name, but which has moved over to its new home, Writers Helping Writers (do check out their old site as well, though, there is still a lot of great stuff there.) What I like about this site is they take a topic about the craft of writing, for instance “What Killed It for Me: Too Much Going On” and not only discuss it, but then also use published books – not just pimping out their own – to showcase what they are talking about. So you get something to think about plus get some new reading recommendations – a win/win, if you ask me.

And last but not least, C is for The Courage 2 Create, another new-to-me blog that I am having a hard time stepping away from. From his “About” page:

Over the past four years, this blog has grown to become so much bigger than me, and so much deeper than just my individual effort to keep loyal to my writing schedule. My private journey, now public, has become a lifeline for hundreds of people who have decided to finally pursue their passions. It has touched readers who are struggling to summon up the courage to follow their passions–and the courage to create their own lives from scratch.

I love the way he weaves his daily life, musings, frustrations & joys into bits of wisdom about what it means to live creatively, to choose to be creative, and to have the courage to create a life that has meaning for yourself.

All-righty, then, that’s a wrap for today! We’ll see how the rest of this month goes!

(PS – I haven’t decided yet to add my blog to the list (for reasons mentioned above) but do go over and check the list out. I have no idea how they managed to get over 2,000 bloggers signed up, but it is a sight to behold. Oh, and read.)

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