Apr 17, 2014

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#AtoZChallenge – N is for Name

Yep, day late and dollar short, but I’m still plunking away! And finding you good writing stuff on the net to read…

What’s in a name? Do you use a nom de plume? Many writers do, especially sex bloggers & erotica writers. But others do too, for a variety of reasons.  Here’s a few: What’s in a Name? 5 Authors and their Pseudonyms, from The Writer’s Circle.

(PS – Yes, “Jade Melisande” is a pseudonym. Odd thing, though, sometimes Jade feels more “me” than my given name…)

  1. Michael is, of course, my real first name. I’ve had the word Samadhi in my scene name / pen name since 1998. Like you, it sometimes feels like my pen name / scene name is more real than the name I sign on checks. Certainly it is more “me”.
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