The Alphabet Challenge

The Alphabet Challenge (brainchild of the leader of the Fetlife group Rope on the Run.)


Each letter must relate to an outdoor location/object. eg. A – Angel of the North, airport etc. etc.

You will have 1 week to post rope photos for each letter.

Photos must be posted in alphabetical order. You can post as many as you wish for each letter. All pictures posted must be new, old pics already on your profile are not acceptable.

It can be basic bondage, DiD, covert, suspension etc etc and as daring as you like.

After the week is up we’ll move onto the next letter.

I realize some letters may prove a little difficult but that adds to the fun. Looking forward to seeing some interesting photos.


Please keep things safe and consensual, we always promote safety while rigging. This is a fun group so no photo is more important than your own safety… also avoiding being arrested when possible.

Our entries:

A is for Archery

B is for Bondage, Boobies, Busch, Baseball & Blue Rope

C is for the Cave at Cliff Cave Park, Creek & Cafe

D is for the Dome at the St. Louis Mental Institution & DemonCat

E is for the Eyeball at Laumeier Park

F is for the Fountains at Forest Park

G is for Graveyard

H is for Hot Tub

I is for Island

J is for Jeep & Jet

K is for Keifer Creek

L is for Little Grand Canyon & Levee

M is for Mississippi

N is for New Orleans

O is for Oil Refinery, Orchard and…

P is for Piasa, Pub & Powerplant

Q is for Queeny Park, Quiet!, Quarry & Dairy Queen

R is for Red Barn, Roots, Rope & Riverbank

S is for…So Many Things!

T is for Train, Trestle, Tugboat, Tennis & Toilet

U is for Under Rock

V is for Vandeventer, Venice Cafe, Vin de Set & Vines

W is for Warren County, Wreck & Waterlilies

X Marks the Spot

Y is for Yellow Leaves, Yellow Poles & Yoga at the Y

Z is for Zoo

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