The Calendar Game

Like the Alphabet Challenge, the Calendar Challenge is a photo challenge from the Rope on the Run group on Fetlife. Unlike the Alphabet Challenge, it is a monthly challenge, not a weekly one (you should have heard W’s sigh of relief when I told him that part.)  Each month I’ll update the list with our latest entry!


The Calendar Game – 2013

January – Bare branches, brown foliage, dead landscape. This is what January means to me.

February – Romance, love, flowers, Valentine’s Day. And a Lover’s Leap??

March – March marches on…Murders & Mayhem, Blarney Stones, & Lucky Leprechauns

April – What does April bring? Showers, of course!

May – And what do April showers bring…?

June – June of course means brides – but oh what a bride! Our bride is Captured, Punished & Tied Up & Displayed, & finally Submits

July – Blackberries & Ted Drewes, what could be more of a taste of summer than that?

August – Whittaker Music Festival, hiking and swimming holes!

September – My birthday!

October – Oktoberfest

November – Giving thanks & a Walk by the river.

December – Playing in the Snow


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