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Scavenger Hunt


I’ve decided to join in Curvaceous Dee’s (previously SapioSlut’s) Scavenger Hunt, and start documenting places where I
get my exhibitionist streak on!

What…?  Didn’t know I was an exhibitionist? Well, actually, I’m not.  At least not in the way the Scavenger Hunt proposes.
Getting naked or partially naked or even just flashing a bit in public places has always been…a bit of an edge for me.  I’ve
pushed that edge on a couple of the dates W has sent me on, but though he likes me dress sexy/slutty, he’s never…pushed
me that way.

So I’m going there myself.

Hopefully he’ll make suggestions, or help out, or maybe Ad or some of my local friends will.  Whichever way it works out, I hope
that you’ll join me in my adventures.

If you have any special requests or suggestions for the Scavenger Hunt, simply fill out the form located here. Use the subject line
of “Scavenger Hunt Request” to keep them separate from regular Picture Requests.

I’ll update this list with links to all the Scavenger Hunt entries I make.  Be sure to check out Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt
page to see everyone that’s hunting!

See all my “accomplishments”:

1. Doctor’s Office 11. Elevator  21. Car Park
2. Lock & Dam 12. Oil Refinery  22. Car Bonnet
3. Inn 13. Boat/Ship  23. Waterfall
4. Park 14. Bridge  24. Hunting Blind
5. Fountain 15. Lover’s Leap  25. Pump Station
6. Cemetery 16. Beach  26. Sculpture
7. Graffiti 17. Train  27. River
8. Balcony 18. Public Garden  28. Rocks
9. Canyon  19. Scenic View  29. Golf Course
10. Levee  20. Playground  30. Observation Tower
31. Gate 32. Wall 33. Zipline
34. Bus 35. Fireplug 36. Field
37. Driftwood 38. Jetty/Quay/Pier 39. Street
40. Boat Ramp 41. Bike Path 42. Woods
43. Public Restroom 44. Barge

I’m Platinum!