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W’s Task List

Once upon a time W went away for a month. While he was gone, he assigned me some Tasks. This page is where I kept track of how well – or how poorly – I did.

Sex and Blood

Find an article or post online about someone having sex while on her period. Status: Complete Penalties: 0


Choose one of the following:

Lace yourself closed using a necklace chain – duration to be self determined.

Lay in bathtub opposite the drain and pee.

Wear a sheer blouse out for an evening.

Status: Complete. Chose a sheer blouse for a date. Penalties: 0

High Heel Sex Log

Long term task. Does not need to be accomplished all at once or on a particular time frame-but do need progress reports.   Make a listing of all your high heels (3″ or higher).  For each determine whether you’ve been fucked while wearing them.

Completion date: Open  Status: Ongoing


Write “Fuck Meat” in letters at least 2″ tall on a part of your body not normally visible to the public. Also write the letters FM in a body location that can be seen by the public. Have a ready explanation in case anyone asks what the letters stand for. The writing should remain in place at least 24 hours.

Status: Complete   Penalties: 0


Work the following words into a single vanilla conversation (not with anyone aware of the task project): penetrate; flirt; butt; engorge. Bonus word – asparagus.

Status: Complete   Penalties: 0

Glass Chime

Obtain a set of nipple clamps with a connecting chain. From the center of the chain hang a small weight. Attach the chain to nipples and kneel on hands and knees over a glass. Lower the weight into the glass so that it does not touch the bottom or the walls of the glass. Remain in this position for 15 minutes. Each time the weight comes into contact with the glass add one minute. Report on the total time taken to complete the task.

Status: Complete   Penalties: 8 minutes

Panty Pee

Pee through your panties. Report conditions.

Status: Complete   Penalties: 0

Hold It

Check the time right now. Don’t go to the bathroom for exactly one hour.

Status: Complete   Penalties: 0

Hair Brush

Brush your hair 100 times. Count down from 100 to keep track. Do this naked. When you are done, lie down and spread your legs. Take the brush and slap your pussy with it five times, increasing the intensity with each stroke. The fifth stroke should sting. Do this with approximately 10 seconds in between each stroke. Count out the seconds to yourself, then don’t delay, take the stroke again, and on to the next one. Start gently, then rapidly increase the force until the fifth one is as hard as you dare. (Cautionary note: I usually don’t like to let masochists hurt themselves – they aren’t very good at it. Remember that you have rings.)

Status: Complete   Penalties: 0


Write an ad offering yourself for lease/rent.

Status: Incomplete  Penalties: 1

Work from Home

Wear a butt plug between the hours of 9 and 5. You may change the plug periodically, but it/they can not be removed for more than 10 minutes at a time. Wear high heels all day. Knees must be separated all day. This includes no crossing of legs. (Count infractions for future penalty)Wear a paper clip on each nipple all day. (Record minutes of failure for future penalty.) All phone calls must be answered with “Rebecca’s office” (Count infractions for future penalty.) The bathroom may only be used from 2 minutes before the hour to 2 minutes after the hour. (Count infractions for future penalty.) A pencil must be stored in your hair at all times. Fingernails must be filed at least twice during the day. You must offer coffee to each living creature you encounter.

Status: Complete.  Penalties: 55

Brain or Brawn

Select one:

Create a Scrabble-like crossword puzzle in which no fewer than 20 sex words cross each other, OR hold a pair of high heels in each hand (one pair per hand) with arms held out to the sides (horizontally) for 20 minutes. Edit: Wearing high heels during Brawn will erase 10 minutes. Wearing high heels during Brain will erase 5 words. High heels being worn must be 4″ or higher.

Status: Complete   Penalties: 0

Coat Tales

Spend a minimum of two hours shopping in public naked under a coat and wearing high heels. You must ask at least two total strangers a question. (Need not be consecutive hours – and can be in more than one location, but driving time doesn’t count.)

Status: Complete   Penalties: 0

Stranger Fiction

Find a total stranger on FetLife. Based upon one or more of their photos, write a piece of fiction and publish somewhere it can be read by strangers. After publication contact the poster of the picture and tell them what you were required to do.

Status: Incomplete  Penalty: ?

Public O

Due to popular demand! Have an orgasm in the following places: car, restaurant, public restroom, public sidewalk, store of your choice. Penalty assessed for each omission.

Status: Partially Complete  Penalties: 3


Fill a large glass with water to within 1/4″ from the top. Hold it over your head for 30 minutes.

Status: Complete   Penalties: 13 mins & 1 day overdue


Thunderstorms are in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. For each thunderclap you hear smack yourself with a ruler (back of the hand is sufficient – other spots acceptable) and say ouch out loud. Each smack is to be done immediately. For circumstances where the thunderclap smack can not be executed immediately (talking with boss for example) the smack is to be executed later directly upon your pussy with vigor).

Status: Incomplete, but with extenuating circumstances (no thunder.) Penalties: 0

Rope Purchase – Go to the hardware store. Wear high heels, makeup and something sexy. Buy a six foot length of rope. Nothing else. You may need assistance to find and cut it.

Status: Complete  Penalties: 0

Multiple O

Have ten orgasms in one hour. Each orgasm must be separate. There must be at least a three minute non-orgasmic separation between each orgasm. If you fail, repeat the task the next day. If still a fail, repeat the third day. If not completed after three days incur penalty.

Status: Complete   Penalties: 0

Ten Things

Insert ten things from around the house in your hole.

Status: Complete   Penalties: 0


Find a corner. Wearing high heels squat down and spread legs widely open (at least 90 degrees.) Grasp hands behind neck with elbows also out 90 degrees (or similar position – need not be strenuous). Open mouth wide enough to accept cock. Maintain this position for five songs. Penalty for each song not completed. (Bonus – listen to lyrics of each song and sexualize them – give brief summary of the sexualized content of each song).

Status: Incomplete  Penalty: ?